Our History

2018 Accolades

2018 CWPA Nationals 10th Place @ University of Arizona

2018 Florida Division Regional champions

2018 undefeated Regular Season

2018 Player of the Month

Parker Strickman "University of Florida"

2017 Accolades

2017 CWPA Nationals 13th place @ Florida State University

2017 Florida Division All Conference Team

MVP, Billy Whidden "University of Florida"
Coach of the year, David Huelsman "University of Florida"

1st Team Selection:

Rico Martines "University of Florida"
Parker Strickman "University of Florida"
Max Lettau "University of Florida"
Thomas MacDonald "University of Florida"
Billy Whidden "University of Florida"

2nd Team Selection:

Daniel Zubero "University of Florida"

2017 Florida Division Regional champions

2017 undefeated Regular Season

2017 October 30th CWPA Player of the Week

Parker Strickman "University of Florida"